What’s up. My name’s John John. Born and raised in the Creek, but I just moved out to San Myshuno to pursue my comedy career.

The women are bad. My apartment is raggedy.

But it’s cool though. I’ve got a balcony so Ima make it work… In a couple months though.

I spent all my money moving into this place so all I’ve got in here is a lil couch, my old TV from back home – that’s way too small for a grown ass man like myself. I’ve got my bed, and some shit that really doesn’t matter by my bedside.

I need to get a microphone and another bed in here so I can get a roommate. I can’t keep living like this.

My neighbors – they’re cool. They tried to act like I wasn’t funny and not laugh at my jokes. But I got em to crack.

The Imperfect Parent “Challenge”

This series was inspired by the insanely talented, Mellindi. In her post, 10 Gameplay Starter Prompts for The Sims 4, she has one titled ‘Imperfect Parent’. I was immediately inspired to start a new LP with this idea.

I will post this gameplay on my Youtube channel, but before we get into the nitty gritty of the challenge I wanted to play out his early life before his life “changes”. So here is where you can refer to his beginnings before the Imperfect Parent stage.